All About Vodka

The Culture of Vodka Cunsumption

The use of high-quality vodka requires refined gastronomic and cultural support.

Before telling about the correct use of vodka it is necessary to say, that traditions of its use by Russian people and peoples of Russia developed through centuries as vodka was the national Russian alcoholic beverage.

The use of vodka is allowed only to people who have reached their majority. In vodkas assortment there are special female vodkas to which long since, for example, citric vodka related in Russia.

Before using it is necessary to cool vodka and serve it to table at the temperature of 8-10C. Vodka is never diluted with water, as it is a product ready to the use corresponding to the highest gastronomic criteria. It is not allowed to put pieces of ice into a glass of vodka.

dka should not be consumed hastily. As every elite beverage, it is necessary to taste, paying attention to its taste, aroma and features of manufacturing this or that kind of vodka.
It is recommended to wash down vodka with mineral water such as "Borzhomi as Ph of "Borzhomi coincides with Ph of blood and, getting into blood, "Borzhomi lowers alcohol concentration in blood.

As an ideal snack to vodka it is necessary to name boiled potato with pickled (with a crunch) cucumbers.

During many centuries in Russia there was an ideal set of the refined snack, of the first and second dishes harmoniously combined with vodka.
Let me name only some from them:

  • an ear,

  • rasstegay with sterlet,

  • a pig with buckwheat cereal,

  • ham, veal, corned beef,

  • russian meat-jelly,

  • salmon, caviar, sturgeon balyk (cured fillet of sturgeon), Siberian salmon, humpback salmon,

  • pancakes, pel'menis, Russian soups

  • sauerkraut, tomatoes, canned bush pumpkins, pickled and pickled mushrooms.

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