The History of Moscow Distillery Cristall
The Plant Today  


The Plant Today

oday the production of Moscow Distillery Cristall, Open Joint-Stock Company is transferred to the branch of the Company Korysovo.

Branch Korystovo is a structural division of Moscow Distillery Cristall, Open Joint-Stock Company, located in village Korystovo of the Kashirskiy District, Moscow Region. Modern technology equipment and work of high-quality specialists provide consistent high quality of the issued products.

The quality of the issued products is controlled on every production stage: from materials and ingredients incoming control to completed production quality control.

For the purpose of quality control the Branch has an accredited laboratory with qualified specialists, working with up-to-date equipment and controlling compliance of our products with the specified requirements.

The guaranty of product quality is the quality management system (QMS), certified in compliance with State Standard (Rus. GOST) ISO 9001-2011 and international standard ISO 9001:2008 referring to Product development, producing and supply of vodka, special vodka and other alcoholic beverages.

Successful results of re-certification and Quality Management System is proved by re-certification and audit checking, as well as availability of the certificates of compliance with state (GOST) requirements ISO 9001-2011, ISO 9001:2008 and certificate of the internationalnetworkof partnercertificationbodies IQNet.

During QMS audit the representatives of the certification body noted many times the high production standards in Korystovo branch.

Nowadays, in spite of changes, the products of the distillery compliy with high standards and Moscow Distillery Cristall, OJSC continues to be one of the respected companies in the alcoholic industry and has reputation of a Company, producing alcoholic beverages of high quality, as well as being regarded as a reliable business partner.

he products of the Company enjoy huge popularity both in our native country and abroad. Moscow Distillery Cristall, OJSC has a steady position among other Russian exporters of alcoholic beverage, exporting its products in more than 20 countries of the World.

Moscow Distillery Cristall OJSC participates in various Russian and international exhibition and contests and gets high evaluations of independent experts. The awards (among them: many Grand Prixes, gold and silver medals, diplomas, etc.) are deserved by the unique collection of traditionally high quality alcoholic beverage.

ISO 9001 certified